Organizational Structure

Organizational structure of our Development Agency consists of Development Committee, Administrative Board and General Secretary and the Investment Support Offices. Development Committee acts as the advisory body, administrative board is the decision-making body and Secretariat General represents the executive body of the agency.
BEBKA completed its institutional structuring and formed its working units as of January 2011. Investment support offices were established in Eskişehir, Bilecik and Bursa, and relevant expert personnel were appointed. The administrative structure of BEBKA is given below.


Executive board is the decision-making body of the agency and by law consists of the following members:

Governors of regional provinces,  Mayors of regional provinces,  Presidents of provincial general council in regional provinces,  Chamber of commerce and industry presidents of regional provinces

President Bursa Governor Yakup CANBOLAT

Eskisehir Governor Erol AYYILDIZ

Bilecik Governor Dr. Kemal KIZILKAYA

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur AKTAŞ

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN

Bilecik Mayor Melek MIZRAK SUBAŞI

President of Bilecik Provincial General Assembly Osman YILMAZ

President of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry İbrahim BURKAY

President of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Celalettin KESİKBAŞ

President of Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Metin GULER

Bilecik Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Şükrü KESKİN

BEBKA Secretary General M. Zeki DURAK


Secretariat General is the execution organ of the agency. The head of the working units and investment support offices affiliated to the General Secretariat is the Secretary General. The Secretary General is responsible to the board of directors in his duties.

Duties and Powers of the Secretary General

  • To implement the decisions of the board of directors.
  • To prepare the annual work program and the budget and present it to the board of directors.
  • To collect agency revenues, to make expenditures in accordance with the procedures and principles to be determined in accordance with Article 4, and the decisions of the budget and board of directors.

  • To decide on the purchase, sale, rental and service procurement of movable goods other than vehicles, within the limits to be determined by the Board of Directors.
  • To monitor, evaluate, audit and report the supported projects and activities.
  • To determine the performance criteria of the personnel and to evaluate their performance.

  • To propose to the board of directors the recruitment and termination of personnel.
  • Participating in national and international meetings on regional development and making foreign contacts, representing the agency’s general secretariat.
  • To carry out the secretariat works of the agency and other services falling within its scope.
  • To use the powers delegated by the board of directors.


Doç. Dr. M. Zeki Durak

BEBKA General Secretary

Assoc. Dr. M. Zeki DURAK, who was born in Eskişehir in 1980, graduated from Akdeniz University, Department of Food Engineering in 2003 after completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Eskişehir. During his undergraduate education, he completed a project supported by TÜBİTAK Scientist Training Group (BAYG) and was invited as a visiting researcher to Cornell University, one of the best universities in the United States, in the continuation of this project in 2003. He completed his master’s and doctoral studies with a scholarship from Cornell University. After his doctorate education, he worked as a consultant in various companies in the USA. He returned to Turkey in 2012 to be among the founders of Yıldız Technical University Food Engineering Department and played an active role in the establishment of the department. Among the academicians of Yıldız Technical University, Dr. Durak also has many academic publications and studies in the fields of food, biotechnology, biosensors and nanotechnology. M. Zeki Durak, who was appointed as the General Secretary of the Development Agency, is married and has a child.


Duties of Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit (PPKB)

Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit (PPKB) responsible for doing researches to accelerate the economic, social and cultural development of the region and to increase its competitiveness, prepare plans and programs on a regional and sectoral basis with the participation of local actors, working on capacity building and cooperation with local, national and international institutions.

Duties of Program Management Unit (PYB)

The Program Management Unit (PMU) is the unit responsible for the management of the support programs which is created according to the regional plan and programs prepared by PPKB. Within the scope of all supports, PYB is responsible for the implementation of the process from receiving applications, determining the projects/activities that are eligible for support and signing contracts with the applicants.

Duties of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (IDB)

The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (IDB) works on the collection, analysis, notification and use of the necessary information for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the plans and programs prepared by the Agency and the supported projects. It ensures that the efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of support activities are followed at regular intervals. For this reason, it is closely concerned with the implementation and monitoring of the contracted projects, the control of compliance with laws and procedures, the problems and needs of the beneficiary.

Duties of Financial and Administrative Affairs Unit (MIB)

Financial and Administrative Affairs Unit (MIB) consists of the functions of Accounting, Budget, Purchasing, Human Resources, Law, Archive, Executive Assistant and Information Processing. Performs the agency's financial and administrative affairs and transactions.

Duties of Investment Support Offices

Bursa, Eskişehir, Bilecik Investment Support Offices fulfill the duties of promoting the business and investment environment to domestic and foreign investors, and supporting potential investors in their investment processes. In addition, they perform the duties assigned to investment support offices by regulations in incentive processes.

Duties of Expert Personnel Responsible for Legal Counseling

Expert Personnel Responsible for Legal Counseling is responsible for examining texts such as contracts, directives, protocols, which are issued by the Agency or to which the Agency is a party; supervising the compliance of the documents with the provisions of the relevant legislation, following the legal process of the files of the Agency that are transferred to the legal process, litigation, execution and other legal processes to which the Agency is a party; expressing opinions on the issues requested by the Secretary General or other units, related to legal, financial and criminal transactions, or on draft laws, statutory decrees, by-laws and regulations.