BEBKA aims to differentiate our regional economy from other regions in areas that will increase the added value, and to improve the competitiveness of the region by encouraging activities in which it is superior and strong in competition. With the TR41 Region Innovation and Smart Specialization Strategy, which was prepared within this framework, it is targeted to increase the competitive level of the region by developing information and technology-oriented activities that prioritize entrepreneurial opportunities, together with the implementation of effective macro and micro policies specific to the region.

TR41 Region, which consists of Bursa, Eskişehir and Bilecik provinces, is home to important sectors that determine the competitiveness of Turkey’s economy. In order to maintain the current competitive advantages of the region, more information-oriented policies should be developed in the upcoming period. TR41 Region Innovation and Smart Specialization Strategy includes a strategic approach that will increase the added value of the regional economy and facilitate focusing on activities that are superior and strong in global competition and have the potential to be.

The fact that the sectoral structures of Bursa, Eskişehir and Bilecik provinces are different; caused economic development dynamics to differ from each other. There are many export-oriented, medium and large-scale innovation-oriented companies with R&D centers in Bursa. In Eskişehir, a productivity-oriented production economy in general draws attention. Bilecik, on the other hand, is in the transition phase from a resource-based production structure to a productivity-based one.



It is crucial to disseminate and activate innovation and smart specialization activities, which takes into account the sectoral structure and dynamics ofthe region. 

In this context, prominent sectors were determined as automotive, machinery, textile, furniture, aviation rail systems, ceramics and marble. Again, nanotechnology, advanced material technologies and mechatronics, automation and robotic technologies are smart specialization areas that come to the fore in our region, along with precise production technologies and technical textile applications.




TR41 Region Innovation and Smart Specialization Strategy was prepared and put into practice, after a comprehensive research and participation process. Considering its technology infrastructure and production capabilities, TR41 region has an extremely critical position in Turkey’s achievement of the competitiveness and innovation targets of the Eleventh Development Plan. With the implementation of innovation and smart specialization strategies, our region will be able to maintain its strength in areas where it is competitive, and sectoral transformation towards higher value-added areas will be realized. Thus, the use of resources in a more focused, efficient and sustainable way will increase.

Smart Specialization Activities

TR41 Region is one of the main industrial production centers of Turkey and hosts important sectors that determine the competitiveness of the Turkey's economy. BEBKA has adopted a more competitive, more innovative and more sustainable region, where regional characteristics are taken into account, as its main target, since the beginning of its operation.

Sanayide verimlilik ve özellikle dijital dönüşüm konusu bölgedeki firmalar açısından son derece önem kazanmaktadır.

Son yıllarda özellikle Ar-Ge merkezlerinin, firmanın farklı gündemlerinden bağımsız olarak yenilik eğilimlerinin takip edilmesine ve yenilikçi projeleri devam ettirebilmesine önemli derecede katkı sağladığı görülmektedir.

Akıllı uzmanlaşma alanlarının belirlenme sürecinde, firmaların teknoloji gündemlerine ek olarak, üniversitelerin yetkinlikleri de kritik rol oynamaktadır.

Üniversitelerin yetkin oldukları alanlar olmasına rağmen, firmalarla üniversitelerin etkileşim düzeyinin artırılması son derece önem kazanmaktadır.

Bölgede gerçekleştirilen yenilik faaliyetlerinin, pazarlama ve ticarileşme kapasitesinin artırılması, niceliğinin yanında niteliksel açıdan da güçlendirilmesi ihtiyacı bulunmaktadır.

Textile and Technical Textile Center of Excellence

Textile and Technical Textile Center of Excellence

Established by BEBKA Guided Project Support Program, this center provides R&D infrastructure for the textile and ready-made clothing sectors in Turkey as the first Textile and Technical Textile Excellence Center in the country. Currently, testing and inspection services are provided within the center, and vocational training activities are also carried out at the same time.

Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center

Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center

The center, which became operational in Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in October 2020, started to serve industrialists both as an R&D and test center.


From prototype production to testing and analysis activities, a wide range of expertise is carried out at the center; which serves with the aim of making TR41 Region a technology base and accelerating the transition from labor-intensive products to information-intensive and high-value-added production.

Oasis Project

Oasis Project

It is a project that includes studies and analyzes on the performance of innovation supports given by Development Agencies on the growth and competitiveness of companies. It was completed in October 2019.

Becoming a Member of the European Commission Smart Specialization (S3) Platform

Becoming a Member of the European Commission Smart Specialization (S3) Platform

BEBKA became a member of the European Commission Smart Specialization (S3) Platform in 2020 in order to disseminate regional policies within the scope of smart growth, to develop strategies and cooperations for this, to provide guidance and good practice examples, and to support strategy and policy formation.


We are planning to increase regional cooperation in the fields of smart specialization, especially with European Union countries, in the coming period, with the S3 membership. We intend to represent TR41 Region on international platforms and intensify promotional and investment activities. In this way, we aim at initiatives and joint studies on the maximum utilization of European Union funds on a regional basis.

We Support “New Generation” Industrial Policies in Our Region

We believe that BEBKA should be an important coordinating institution for our region. In this context, we intend to determine and direct the needs of the leading companies in TR41 Region in the coming period. Thus, we are planning to undertake a new mission as the facilitator of 'next generation' industrial policies. We attach great importance to sharing knowledge and experience on a national and international scale in order to improve the innovation infrastructure and ecosystem and to develop smart specialization areas. In this context, we aim to establish cooperation with development agencies in our country and especially in European countries.
In order to strengthen the R&D and innovation capacity in our region, increase productivity, develop the strategic sectors in the region and switch to industrial production using advanced technology, our Agency has created an Innovation and Efficiency Result-Oriented Program for the period 2021-2023, within the framework of the theme of sustainable competitiveness.
With the Innovation and Efficiency Result Oriented Program, we aim;
To disseminate R&D and innovation-oriented, competitive production and service processes in our region, and to ensure efficient and effective use of resources.
Supporting competitiveness, domestic and/or national production in transportation systems (automotive, aviation, rail systems), defense industry and machinery sectors,
Encouraging sectoral specialization,
To develop technical infrastructure, institutional capacity and collaborations focused on R&D, innovation, digitalization and efficiency.

The programs we plan for the 2021-2023 period and the activities within the scope of the program:

We Bring the Experiences of Other Regions

In order to spread Smart Specialization policies and increase experience sharing, we will hold visits and meetings for joint consultation and experience sharing with institutions and agencies working on intelligent specialization. We will organize periodic technical inspection visits to institutions, organizations and centers that use technology intensively, such as TÜBİTAK MAM, Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center, Textile and Technical Textile Excellence Center and Innovation, and different innovation and excellence centers in other provinces.

We Promote Children’s and Youth’s Interest in Science and Technology

“Workshops” where children discover their own interests, abilities and capacities in order to spread the Bursa Science Festival, which is the biggest science festival in Turkey; “Professions Compete”, in which young people who continue their vocational education demonstrate their abilities and strengthen their professional commitment and self-confidence; “Hackathon Competition” and “Design, Build and Fly” competitions, which are organized to support new ideas, instill the spirit of entrepreneurship, promote innovative thinking, and encourage everyone, young and old, for domestic and national production, in cooperation with institutions and organizations in the region.

We Develop Companies’ Creative Problem Solving Skills

We aim to organize “Creative Problem Solving Trainings” in order to increase their capacities in innovation management and R&D, especially for companies with R&D or Design Centers. We are planning to implement trainings at enterprises operating in the region and working with a focus on innovation and R&D.

We offer management consultancy services for the aviation and rail systems industries

Industries that use high technology and create high added value with this technology, such as aviation and rail systems, are mostly located in Eskişehir with the knowledge and experience gained from history. We carry out a management consultancy program that includes sector-oriented training on issues such as initiating critical certification processes related to these sectors, market analysis studies, energy efficiency and branding activities, sectoral training and seminars, promotion and marketing activities, training of sector-specific software and program applications.

We provide management consultancy to animation, game development, computer and communication technology companies.

Companies operating in the fields of animation, games, computer and communication technologies and software in the region are particularly prominent in creating high added value. We plan to continue the management consultancy support that we started in 2020 to improve the business culture and marketing capabilities of these companies abroad and to increase their competitiveness.

We Will Increase Investment Support Activities

In TR41 Region where the domestic automobile will be produced, special studies will be carried out in order to attract investors related to the parts that cannot be obtained from the region during the production process. We aim to inform investors about the investment environment of the region and investment incentive supports regarding the parts to be procured from abroad. We will cooperate with relevant institutions, especially TOGG, BTSO, OİB, TÜBİTAK MAM; in the planning and execution of studies on domestic automobile investment.